Highland Park Rochester NY

Things To Do If You Are Visiting Rochester NY

Are you planning to visit Rochester NY in the near future? Perhaps you have a business trip planned to the area and would like to visit a few of the attractions while you are there. Then again, you may have decided to head to the area for a breakaway with family or friends. Whatever your travel reason happens to be, one thing is a definite; you want to know all about the best places in Rochester NY to put on your travel agenda.

You’ll be glad to know that you can skip the research part as we have already prepared a list of a few of the amazing things to do and places to see while staying in this magical part of the world. Ready to get started? Great!

Take A Wander Around Highland Park

With over 150 acres of rolling hills and magical scenery to enjoy, Highland Park sure is worthy of a place on your travel agenda. From Japanese Maples and lilacs to a huge variety of exotic and indigenous species, you will find plenty of picture moments to take advantage of.

If you happen to be visiting Rochester NY at the right time, you will even be able to enjoy the annual flower festival, a real treat for the eyes.

Highland Park Rochester NY

Get Inspired At The Memorial Art Gallery

Way back in 1913, the Memorial Art Gallery opened its doors for the first time. Now you will find an incredible 12,000 items to admire. From contemporary art objects to pieces from around the world, even if you are not an avid art lover, you are sure to find something to wow you at this impressive gallery.

In fact, the Memorial Art Gallery certainly isn’t a small affair, proudly sitting on 14 acres of land and showcasing some of the best art in the country, the exhibitions on offer here are likely to please a wide range of visitors. The Gallery is also home to various musical concerts so be sure to check the events list in advance of your trip.

Enjoy A Fun Day At Seneca Park Zoo

If you love to admire exotic animals and enjoy a fun day out with the family, the Seneca Park Zoo is the place for you. The Zoo is home to over 90 species from all over the globe, so if you love African elephants, polar bears, orangutans or some other exotic animal, there is every chance you will find one to admire here.

The Seneca Park Zoo comes with a rich history, it first opened its doors in 1893 and to this days puts much time and effort into providing the animals that call the zoo home with an environment that is as close as possible to their natural habitat.

Seneca Park Zoo Rochester NY

Relax For A While At Cobbs Hill Park

Every trip away should always have time for relaxation. However, with so many sights to see and things to do it can be all too easy to forget to schedule a little relaxation on the itinerary. Cobbs Hill Park boasts 109 acres of beautiful scenery. With a wealth of hiking trails, majestic trees, and beautiful flowers, not only will you feel relaxed after spending time at Cobbs Hill Park, you are sure to feel a little inspired too.

Enjoy A Taste Of History At The Charlotte-Genesee Lighthouse

Having the chance to see a lighthouse still in working order is a rather special experience. The Charlotte-Genesee Lighthouse provides just that type of enchanting experience. The working lighthouse still plays a role in keeping vessels safe from harm since it was restored in 2014. For visitors to the lighthouse, the trek up the 42 steps to the run ladder at the top is certainly worth the effort. The stunning views over Lake Ontario are quite the sight to behold.

Charlotte-Genesee Lighthouse Rochester NY

So if you are planning a visit to the area in the near future there is no doubt that there are plenty of things to do and places to see, in fact, your biggest challenge may be deciding which ones to put on your itinerary. We hope that the ideas we have mentioned above will put you a step in the right direction!