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Craig Tuttle Marketing is located in Rochester, NY and provides the highest level search engine optimization services available. Their expertise in SEO is backed by their unique partnership with a group of the most highly successful SEOs in the world. With an impressive number of combined #1 rankings in the search engines reaching the hundreds of thousands, the knowledge and experience that Craig Tuttle Marketing and their fellow team members bring to the market for ranking websites is second to none.

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It is not only the impressive array of rankings that Craig Tuttle Marketing has been able to accumulate, but it is the success that they are able to generate for each business they work with. Instead of having the goal of making a “sale” and getting a new client, Craig Tuttle Marketing takes the approach of making the end goal be to completely change a business. Their ideal goal is to be able to turn a business around and make them as successful as possible because if they are able to do that, then they know the rest will take care of itself.

Unlike a lot of other agencies that offer SEO services, Craig Tuttle Marketing does not offer “cookie-cutter pricing” or “SEO hours” as a way they bill their clients. No two businesses are the same, so there is no reason that any two businesses should be treated the same when it comes to the expectations for the way their SEO is handled. What Craig Tuttle Marketing does is very unique in that they research the potential client’s niche, they find out how many keywords they will get the client ranked on page one for, then they compare that to the actual value of each client. So there is no guesswork involved. You know that when you become a client of Craig Tuttle Marketing, you are going to be getting the best service available, at the fairest price because you know what their work will generate for your business.

Another great thing that Craig Tuttle Marketing does is that they don’t lock you into a lifetime deal. You are not locked in where you have to keep paying for work that was done 10 months ago. They keep you for less than a year. And they guarantee that they will rank you in those that time. And they will not take away your rankings once that time is up. The work they performed to get you your first page rankings will stay. This way you know you are entering into a fair deal.

They also offer some of the best web design services in the city. This is great because having one team handle the redisign of a site and the marketing of that site afterwards is an amazing advantage.

One of the most impressive things about Craig Tuttle Marketing is the incredible testimonials they have received from their work. These are not fabricated testimonials that other people put up on a website and pretend that they are legit. In fact, you can go to Craig’s Linkedin page and check out their impressive array of testimonials from actual CEOs and business owners, many from other SEO companies that actually hire Craig Tuttle Marketing to do their client work for them.

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If you are in the market for the best Rochester SEO services you simply have to give Craig Tuttle Marketing a call. Or go to their website at and fill out their Discovery Form. They will get back to you with a detailed video showing you exactly what they can rank you for, and how much of an ROI you can expect from them ranking your website. They also offer a free SEO Audit (valued at $197). So if you want actual results instead of an agency kicking your website around for a few months, get in touch with Craig Tuttle Marketing…before your competition does!


Why And When To See A Foot Doctor

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Rochester PodiatryIt has been claimed by many scientists that true human development began when our ancestors began to walk upright. It allowed for faster locomotion and enabled them to travel vast distances. However, an upright stance also had its drawbacks. It meant that changes to the pelvic structure had to back place – meaning more painful childbirth and it placed great strain the back – to this day many people suffer from near constant back pain.

It also places great strain on the feet and ankles. Problems with these parts of the body have led to the specialization of podiatry – or treatments by a foot doctor.

For those with foot or ankle issues the most important decision to make is just when it is the right time to see a foot doctor. Often issues revolving around the foot or ankle will resolve themselves. However, given the strain that is placed on these parts of the body, it is sometimes better to be safe than sorry. An appointment with a podiatrist when the problem first presents itself may prevent more serious problems from developing.

So why would you want to see a specialist like this?

Firstly a podiatrist can perform surgery and also can take care of post-operative care, as well as prescribing antibiotics in cases where they are called for. The specialization of podiatry is one where a unique set of skills is called for. Where surgery on the foot or ankle is required it can be complex and delicate due to the fact that the skin is very close to the bone – unlike other parts of the body.

This can be of great concern, especially where surgery is required for people who may have circulatory issues. this is often the case with diabetics who suffer from infections around the area of the feet. These infections can spread rapidly and affect the bones. Diabetics with infections need to see a foot doctor as a matter of urgency should infection be detected.

Podiatrists are fully trained doctors with the skills to help those who might require aids while walking, including specialized shoe inserts. As part of their skill set, they are highly skilled at biomechanics and also on how the load-bearing systems of the body operate – and how to correct imbalances and problems that may occur with the load bearing structures including the ankles and feet.

The fact that a podiatrist can provide both advice and medication is tremendously important when there is an injury to the foot. One of the first tasks is diagnosis of the nature of the problem. A foot doctor can order a battery of tests using highly specialized equipment such as MRI scanners. He or she will also be able to recommend X-rays should they be required. They will then be able to interpret the results of these types of tests and recommend the optimal treatment and way forward to both rectify the problem and ensure that no longer-term damage will occur.

foot doctors in rochester ny

Although many people who are experiencing pain in their feet or who have injured their feet or ankles will first seek the opinion of a general practitioner it is important to seek the help of a podiatrist as soon as possible. Due to the fact that they are specialists who focus exclusively on a single part of the body their knowledge is far more in-depth than that of a GP. They are able to perform procedures that address problems in skin structure, nerves, bone and all the interrelated parts of the feet and ankles.

In an emergency situation taking the time to see a general practitioner might not be the optimum path to take. If the injury is to the feet or the ankles getting to see a podiatrist immediately is the best course of action. In cases like this time is of the essence and seeing a specialist right away can often mean the difference between full recovery and permanent damage to the structures of the foot or ankle.

In summary – if you are experiencing pain in your feet – or your ankle a visit to a podiatrist is a matter of urgency. Ignoring the problem might have extremely serious long-term consequences.


Highland Park Rochester NY

Things To Do If You Are Visiting Rochester NY

Are you planning to visit Rochester NY in the near future? Perhaps you have a business trip planned to the area and would like to visit a few of the attractions while you are there. Then again, you may have decided to head to the area for a breakaway with family or friends. Whatever your travel reason happens to be, one thing is a definite; you want to know all about the best places in Rochester NY to put on your travel agenda.

You’ll be glad to know that you can skip the research part as we have already prepared a list of a few of the amazing things to do and places to see while staying in this magical part of the world. Ready to get started? Great!

Take A Wander Around Highland Park

With over 150 acres of rolling hills and magical scenery to enjoy, Highland Park sure is worthy of a place on your travel agenda. From Japanese Maples and lilacs to a huge variety of exotic and indigenous species, you will find plenty of picture moments to take advantage of.

If you happen to be visiting Rochester NY at the right time, you will even be able to enjoy the annual flower festival, a real treat for the eyes.

Highland Park Rochester NY

Get Inspired At The Memorial Art Gallery

Way back in 1913, the Memorial Art Gallery opened its doors for the first time. Now you will find an incredible 12,000 items to admire. From contemporary art objects to pieces from around the world, even if you are not an avid art lover, you are sure to find something to wow you at this impressive gallery.

In fact, the Memorial Art Gallery certainly isn’t a small affair, proudly sitting on 14 acres of land and showcasing some of the best art in the country, the exhibitions on offer here are likely to please a wide range of visitors. The Gallery is also home to various musical concerts so be sure to check the events list in advance of your trip.

Enjoy A Fun Day At Seneca Park Zoo

If you love to admire exotic animals and enjoy a fun day out with the family, the Seneca Park Zoo is the place for you. The Zoo is home to over 90 species from all over the globe, so if you love African elephants, polar bears, orangutans or some other exotic animal, there is every chance you will find one to admire here.

The Seneca Park Zoo comes with a rich history, it first opened its doors in 1893 and to this days puts much time and effort into providing the animals that call the zoo home with an environment that is as close as possible to their natural habitat.

Seneca Park Zoo Rochester NY

Relax For A While At Cobbs Hill Park

Every trip away should always have time for relaxation. However, with so many sights to see and things to do it can be all too easy to forget to schedule a little relaxation on the itinerary. Cobbs Hill Park boasts 109 acres of beautiful scenery. With a wealth of hiking trails, majestic trees, and beautiful flowers, not only will you feel relaxed after spending time at Cobbs Hill Park, you are sure to feel a little inspired too.

Enjoy A Taste Of History At The Charlotte-Genesee Lighthouse

Having the chance to see a lighthouse still in working order is a rather special experience. The Charlotte-Genesee Lighthouse provides just that type of enchanting experience. The working lighthouse still plays a role in keeping vessels safe from harm since it was restored in 2014. For visitors to the lighthouse, the trek up the 42 steps to the run ladder at the top is certainly worth the effort. The stunning views over Lake Ontario are quite the sight to behold.

Charlotte-Genesee Lighthouse Rochester NY

So if you are planning a visit to the area in the near future there is no doubt that there are plenty of things to do and places to see, in fact, your biggest challenge may be deciding which ones to put on your itinerary. We hope that the ideas we have mentioned above will put you a step in the right direction!

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